Just a few tips to get your fundraising started

1. Start Now Don't be afraid to ask for donations.You'll be surprised at who might thank you for this opportunity to make an impact. Make a list of everyone you know - friends, family, neighbors, colleagues - and ask. Ask early and often. Use this helpful Fundraising Guide for tips and tools for success.

2. Aim High Set a goal and set it high.  It will inspire you and others to lend their support.

3. Donate to Yourself Lead by example and make a self-donation. The best way to encourage others to give is to show them that you're committed to the cause.

4. Make it Personal Tell YOUR story! The Participant Center allows you to personalize your Personal Fundraising Page with your own photos and text to tell the world why you are participating in the AHRC Walk. 

5. Ask, Ask, Ask! You don't get what you don't ask for, so make sure you're asking! Call, text, email everyone you know, and make each ask personal. Thell them WHY you are so committed to this Walk and give them the opportunity to make a difference.

6. Show Your Gratitude Say thank you to your donors early and often. Update them on your progress and show them the impact they are having.

7. Get Social Include a link to your fundraising page in your Facebook status.  You'll be surprised at the support you'll receive from a Facebook post. Give shout outs to people who support you and keep sharing.

8. Double Your Impact with a Matching Gift Alot of companies do it. Find out more.

9. Hold a Special Event You can host a work bake sale, a garage sale or a game night to raise funds and awareness.

10. Have Fun!

11. We're Here to Help  Contact Us

Fundraising Basics

Sample Fundraising Letter

Keep Track of Your Donations

Printable Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Raise $500 Fast

How to Raise $100 Fast


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