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Camp Loyaltown Waterfront Staff
Camp Loyaltown Waterfront Staff

Togs and Goggles

We Swim, So Our Campers Can Soar!

For more than 40 years, Camp Loyaltown has helped campers discover independence while experiencing the joys of friendship, fun and personal achievement free from the challenges they face daily. Camp Loyaltown is a non-profit camp that is part of Citizens Options Unlimited, a leading provider of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our team, Togs and Goggles, decided to swim the equivalent distance from Camp Loyaltown to Brookville, Long Island as a fundraiser . The reason we’ve chosen this location is because it is the pickup and drop off point for the campers at the beginning and end of the summer. The distance between Camp Loyaltown and Brookville is 139 miles, and we will attempt to swim it in 7 weeks. It estimates to roughly 35 lengths per day, which is a small feat compared to what the campers go through every day.

We have also welcomed any camper who wishes to participate, an opportunity to be sponsored to swim a length, and help fundraise for their favorite camp! 

We want to promote Camp Loyaltown around the world and touch people that might not have heard about our camp before. The experience of being at camp and seeing the opportunities it gives the campers has inspired us to improve ourselves and give a little back to the camp.

DIVE IN & DONATE! Give the magic of summer camp to children and adults with special needs. All frundraising for this event will go directly to improving the facilities and enriching the experiences for those who attend camp. 








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