2017 AHRC Walk

Team Scotty

Thanks for Your Support

Welcome to Team Scotty!

Our son Scotty is one of more than 2,200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Nassau County whose life is much more fulfilled because of the excellent programs and services provided by AHRC.

Thanks to AHRC, Scotty is well integrated into the community and leads a productive life, with many opportunities for volunteering and socialization. Thanks to AHRC, Scotty lives in a beautiful residential facility where he is cared for by a very loving staff and enjoys many recreational activities. 

Unfortunately there are many people in Nassau County with developmental disabilities who do not have residential placement and live at home with little support and lack of contact with the outside world. 

And that’s why we are supporting the AHRC Walk – we will be helping AHRC to fund respite services and various levels of family supports that provide training for daily living activities to empower these children and adults. 

Together we are taking steps and making a difference!



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