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Walking and Fundraising as a Team

Share the love - form a team! Being part of a team is a great way to build camaraderie and get some extra support. You can make a bigger impact by walking as part of a team. Any group of two or more walkers can share the experience!

You need at least one person to Sign up as a Team Captain. Team Captains recruit additional walkers, set up the team fundraising page, and keep everyone excited and motivated. Our Team Captain Guide will give you more ways to become an incredible Team Leader!


How to Build a Team


Step 1: CREATE A TEAM NAME. Be creative!

Step 2: REGISTER YOUR TEAM by selecting "Create a Team". Customize your team page with a personal story and photo. 

Step 3: RECRUIT TEAM MEMBERS and help them register online by selecting "Join a Team".

Step 4: SET A TEAM GOAL. Aim high and consider making the first donation to the team page.

Step 5: SHARE YOUR STORY. Tell EVERYONE! The more people involved, the more impact you'll make.


Plan a Team Event

Get your team together, come up with a fun DIY event, and raise some serious money.  Click here for a few ideas.


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