Get Started Today!

We’re all about empowering people to be independent and valued members in the community, and you’re a part of it. Walking is how you show it, and fundraising is how you grow it. YOU can move our mission forward, and we’re here to help.

Here are some steps to help you get started. You can also use our fundraising worksheet for more tips and tools.

Step 1 - Personalize Your Fundraising Page 

Add your own photo and customize your message with your personal reason for walking. Taking time to write your own story will encourage your friends and family to donate. Keeping it personal will double your donations!

Step 2 - Set a Goal and Lead the Way

Nobody likes to be first. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your fundraising off to a good start by donating to yourself. This will make others more likely to get involved. Check this out to to see how you can raise $500 in 7 days! 

Step 3 - Start with the People Closest to You

It’s always best to start by sending emails to family and close friends because they will most likely support you, no matter what. Try sending some quick personal messages to your inner circle to get the ball rolling. Then start reaching out to all your other contacts - uncles, cousins, classmates, co-workers, neighbors - essentially anyone you've talked to in the past year or two.

Step 4 - Ask, Ask, Ask

The most successful fundraisers have one simple thing in common: they ask as many people for support as possible and in a very personal way. Ask in person or send emails and text messages easily from your participant center. But remember - the key to receiving donations is to follow up. Be ready with a simple reminder about three weeks after your initial request.

Step 5 - Share on Social Media

Share friendly and creative messages on social media asking for support. Maximize your reach and keep people in the loop. Post updates to share your progress. Publicly thank everyone who donates and offer a gentle reminder to those who haven't yet done so.

Don't forget to include the link to your personal fundraising page to send potential donors directly to your page.


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