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Dear Families,

As always, I hope you are well. This morning I am writing to you with a heavy heart. As an agency of caregivers and advocates for the dignity of all, last night’s news segment showing abuse by a manager in one of our group homes was not only deeply troubling, it was a betrayal of the highest trust.

While I cannot share more specifics on incidents undergoing investigation by New York State’s Justice Center, I can let you know the agency’s reporting was immediate and notification was provided to OPWDD, The Justice Center, the family and the Nassau County Police Department. Once this video was given to staff, the manager was immediately suspended, and subsequently terminated. 

Procedurally, any time an allegation of abuse occurs, the family will receive a phone call notifying them of the allegation along with the steps taken to protect their family member.  Within 10 days, a letter is mailed to the family with this information along with a statement of their rights as family members to request the reports of an investigation once it is concluded. Throughout an investigation, our Quality Assurance department is in contact with the family, providing updates during the investigation.

We are continuing to support the women in our home through counseling as well as monitor the overall strength and stability of the home. The safety of every man and woman is at the foundation of our supports and we will continue to advance a culture of transparency and accountability in the reporting of all allegations of abuse.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 516.626.1000 ext. 1105 or email me at    


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