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Dear Employees,   

Over the past week, we have experienced a rapidly growing need for additional staff support in our residences, which now has reached a critical level.  Therefore, after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we now must require employees who are not working their full schedules performing critical functions, to temporarily support the daily operations in our residential programs. 

All employees who are not currently working their full schedules
(1) Supporting people in our homes, or
(2) Providing necessary functions in our offices or other agency locations, or
(3) Working remotely, as approved in writing by executive management, 

Are required to call (516) 497-7648 within the next two days
(Thurs. 4.9.20 & Fri. 4.10.20)
to answer a few questions and to receive additional information to assist in our residential programs.

Please note that employees who are working fewer than their full number of authorized hours in any location are asked to work the balance of their authorized hours in our residential programs

Any employee who does not call or does not report to an assigned house will be required to utilize their accrued vacation and holiday time in order to receive pay.  Please be reminded that the agency’s policy is that accrued sick time may be used only when you are ill, and you will be required to provide a doctor’s note after three consecutive days of absence due to illness.  Please also be reminded that personal days may not be taken in combination with vacation, holiday, or sick days.  If you have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed when you call the number above. 

We understand and appreciate that this may be uncomfortable and even anxiety-provoking for employees who never have worked in a residence. The people we support live in homes very much like yours and all homes need certain duties to be performed in order to run smoothly.  We would need your assistance to provide indirect supports, such as doing laundry, preparing meals, cleaning, running errands for supplies, answering phones, etc.  You might be asked to help by being a companion for someone while they are watching television, eating, or getting fresh air in the backyard.  This assistance will allow the staff who normally work in the home to provide personal, direct supports for the people living there. 

All employees assigned to work by providing indirect supports at a residence will be oriented to the home and will receive instruction from the management team and/or Direct Support Professionals working in the home. You will be working under the direction of those staff members while in the house.  All employees also will receive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as a mask and gloves.  Please recognize that your assistance in our homes is vital for us to continue supporting people safely and effectively through the current crisis.  

I have always been proud of the dedicated and compassionate people who make up our workforce at all levels and roles.  In these extraordinary times, we must work as a team and support one another in order to ensure the safety of those who require our help daily for their very survival.  Together, we will see this crisis through, and we will be stronger than ever.  Thank you for your dedication to supporting our mission during this most trying of times. 


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Stanfort J. Perry
Executive Director

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Brookville, NY 11545-2699
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